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The second ForecourtEXPO took place on 4th October 2012 at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham.

The event was developed in consultation with retailers and suppliers and proved to be a huge success but in 2012 we decided to adopt a 'discuss rather than tell' brief for the event.

The event offered:

  • An exhibition; where forecourt suppliers could discuss their products and services in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Speed meetings; an opportunity to discuss business with exhibitors might not previously have considered as a business partner.
  • Interactive discussion forum; a panel with representatives from the CWA, RMI, Environment agency and other key industry members led a feisty discussion which allowed the audience a chance to be heard and put their views to those people within the industry that are trying to push through change.
  • A sumptuous Gala dinner with delicious Moroccan food, music and dancing.

What they said about ForecourtEXPO 2012

Overall well worth attending . Hope last night went well. Michael D Carroll

Really enjoyed the event I thought it was well organised and executed, the only thing for me was that at the end of the night there was no bar in the room so everyone went to the public bar, I think it would've been a nicer situation if we could've kept everyone together.Stacey Davis - Simply coffee 2013 will see the return of the bar to the dining room.

If next time was exactly the same we would almost certainly attend. Entertainment was good, food was lovely.- David Austin Karcher

The speed meeting sessions were really useful and positive with great generation of leads. Mike Follows Thorntons

It was refreshing to exhibit at an exhibition with such quality attendees. Congratulations on a job well done! (Richard Sweet, WashTec UK Ltd)

The afternoon and evening were very good but we felt the morning was too quiet with customers attending the discussion forum. (Fairbanks)The forum is now at the end of the day, to ensure that exhibitors and visitors get the most out of the exhibition.

A good show. Couple of good meetings.(tangerine confectionery)

Very worthwhile and enjoyable event !! (CDG)

The event succeeds due to the personality and passion of the organising team and it appears to be well supported due to the loyalty that the attendees feel towards the the organiser. On the day, the quality feel of the event is important. Several people commented to me that the standard of the event (lunch, dinner, atmosphere) enabled ForecourtExpo to distinguish itself from other forecourt events. (Michael Harris, WashTec UK Ltd)

Well Organised and attended by retailers and exhibitors. (FALCON GROUP)

Great event well done Asiffa x (Petrogas)

very good day all round. excellent job. (Gilbarco Veeder Root)